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Whether your student is a music lover, budding coder, or aspiring mathematician, OSMO has the right games to inspire your child.

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Classroom Kit

Designed for educators. Inspired by students.

Osmo is changing the learning environment of our students.
It has become a powerful tool for creation and learning in our schools.


Classroom Kit

The Classroom Kit provides students the unique opportunity to learn with their hands — and technology. Engineered to support the needs of teachers, the Osmo Classroom Kit is ideal for independent learning, small-group instruction, and centers.

The Classroom Kit includes features designed specifically for teachers:

  • A range of subjects, including English language arts, math, science, and art
  • Real-time data to drive instruction
  • A teacher dashboard that makes it simple to differentiate instruction
  • A downloadable Teacher’s Guide and access to the Osmo Support Team
  • Customizable content that can easily be aligned to learning standards
  • Fully STEAM compatible addressing 21st Century Skills
  • Compatible with most iPad devices

Osmo Classroom Kit

Meeting the demands of teachers all day, every day.

Easy to set up • Intuitive to use • Simple to store


Learning tools included in the Classroom Kit

More learning tools to add to your Kit

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