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Kali Linux

                     The objective of this book is to help readers understand Kali
                                                        Linux, a robust suite of computer security.

                                                        In a graphic and educational way, the reader will learn:
                                                        • What is Kali, and how is it installed?
                                                        • How persistence mode is set.
                                                        • What is the mechanics to do an intrusion test with Kali.
                                                        • What are the most useful tools, and how are they used.
                                                        • How to boot and use Kali in forensic mode to generate disk
                                                        images without altering the test and how to handle those

                                                        images.           ISBN No.:      9781681657004
                                                                          Author:        David Santo Orcero
                                                                          Publisher:     American Book Group – R-Ma
                                                                          Subject:       COMPUTERS / Information
                                                                          List price:    $ 29.95
                                                                          Trim size:     6 x 9 inches
                                                                          Language:      Spanish
                                                                          Format:        Paperback
                                                                          Pub date:      May 2020

          Graphical applications with Python 3

       This book has a clear objective: to help you create complex

       graphic applications with Python 3.

       We will achieve this through three different libraries for its
       • PyQt: links to the graphic library Qt, allowing us to use it from
       • matplotlib: used to generate graphics in two and three
       • NumPy: specialized in numerical calculation.

                       ISBN No.:     9781681657035
                       Author:       Alberto Cuevas Álvarez
                       Publisher:    American Book Group – Ra-Ma
                       Subject:      COMPUTERS / Information
                       List price:   $ 49.95
                       Trim size:    6 x 9  inches                        Learn more at

                       Language:     Spanish                              or contact us at:
                       Pages:        628                                  American Book Group
                       Format:       Paperback                            Tel. (305) 440-7438
                       Pub date:     May 2020
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