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Our Services

Benefits offered by American Book Group

There is no “membership fee” required as is the case with many organizations that provide purchasing services. As a qualified reseller with relationships with all the major and specialty publishers, we:

  • Qualify for retail discounts
  • Place the orders, do follow-up & tracking of U.S. shipments
  • Receive the items at our offices and/ or logistics provider
  • Conduct a quality check
  • Consolidate, schedule and track the international shipment
But we take our sourcing a step further. Through our network of educational consultants and literacy experts we can curate materials to fill content gaps or special needs.

We specialize in:

  • Common Core-Aligned Classroom Libraries: research-based and classroom-validated books organized by grade level, reading level, theme and genre.
  • Curriculum Kits: Curriculum-aligned instruction in ELA, Social Studies and Science that requires students to ground reading, writing and discussion in text evidence. Texts and tasks are combined within these easy-to-use kits that include a standards-aligned teaching guide as well as the recommended texts for classroom use.
  • Lit Kits: An extensive research-based teacher’s guide that includes time-saving lesson plans and multiple copies of the aligned trade book for a complete learning experience.
  • Hear & Read: Book Buddy Sets that consist of the printed book paired with one corresponding GoReader which comes pre-loaded with word-for-word audio. Common Core Standards aligned, Hear & Read supports emerging and striving independent readers: ESL/ ELL, striving readers, Gifted, Special Needs and Libraries.
  • Customized Needs-Based Recommendations: You tell us what you need, or share your student body profile, and we will research and recommend the best materials, always aligned with current standards and changes in curriculum.

Our Mission

Your trusted partner

We want to be your trusted partner for books and materials in the U.S.:
  • One-stop sourcing and purchasing service
  • No membership fee required
  • Customized needs-based recommendations
  • Discounted retail pricing
  • Track U.S. shipments
  • Quality control and consolidation
  • International shipping
  • Low processing fee


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