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Autocad 2017 Practical Course

                                                        AutoCAD 2017, Practical Course uses a clear and didactic
                                                        teaching method that will guide you in a close, realistic, simple
                                                        and absolutely understandable way.

                                                        After clearly explaining the theory and without unnecessary
                                                        detours that can confuse the people who are starting out in
                                                        AutoCAD, the content includes many practical exercises. Some of
                                                        these exercises are explained step by step and others are open
                                                        questions so readers can apply what they have learned.

                                                                     ISBN No.:     9781681657103
                                                                     Author:       Castell Cebolla Cebolla
                                                                     Publisher:    American Book Group – Ra-Ma
                                                                     Subject:      COMPUTERS / Information
                                                                     List price:   Technology
                                                                                   $ 34.95
                                                                     Trim size:    6 x 9 inches

                                                                     Language:     Spanish
                                                                     Pages:        526
                                                                     Format:       Paperback
                                                                     Pub date:     May 2020

             Minecraft Discover a new world

          This is the only book, with constant updates downloadable
          from the web, that allows you to learn how to play Minecraft
       from scratch and be up to date with the changes that occur.

       The book guides you with the steps to purchase, download,
       install and configurate the game. You will discover what you
       must do to survive your first night in Minecraft, because like in
       real life, there is a day and night in Minecraft, and evenings are
       very dangerous...

                       ISBN No.:     9781681658367
                       Author:       Johan Valley
                       Publisher:    American Book Group - RaMa
                       Subject:      COMPUTERS / Information
                       List price:   $ 19.95
                       Trim size:    6 x 9 inches                                   To place your order contact us at:

                       Language:     Spanish                                        American Book Group
                       Pages:        159                                            Tel. (305) 440-7438
                       Format:       Paperback                                      (305) 285-0552
                       Pub date:     May 2020                             
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