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WordPress Professional Edition 2017

                                                        This book offers the entrepreneur a real, versatile and accessible
                                                        solution to start an Internet business.

                                                        Readers will be guided throughout the development of the
                                                        project, from the initial idea to its consolidation in the network
                                                        through an itinerary composed of theory and practice, equally
                                                        covered. There is no need for prior technological knowledge, this
                                                        book will allow readers to successfully launch a professional e-

                                                                        ISBN No.:      9781681658391
                                                                        Author:        Álvaro Corredor Lanas
                                                                        Publisher:     American Book Group – Ra-Ma
                                                                        Subject:       COMPUTERS / Information
                                                                        List price:    Technology
                                                                                       $ 39.95
                                                                        Trim size:     6 x 9 inches

                                                                        Language:      Spanish
                                                                        Pages:         526
                                                                        Format:        Paperback
                                                                        Pub date:      May 2020

               Pivot tables with Excel 2016

      Today’s organizations have access to unthinkable amounts of

      data, data related to their activity, environment, customers,
      suppliers, etc.

      Bu  siness intelligence, is understood in a few words as the set of
      procedures and tools capable of helping in decision-making
      processes is an increasingly relevant factor with a greater impact
      on the quality of service offered by organizations and even in their
      ability to survive in an increasingly sophisticated and competitive

                      ISBN No.:      9781681658483
                      Author:        Daniel Burrueco del Rio
                      Publisher:     American Book Group – Ra-Ma
                      Subject:       COMPUTERS / Information
                      List price:    $ 34.95
                      Trim size:     6 x 9 inches                                   To place your order contact us at:

                      Language:      Spanish                                        American Book Group
                      Pages:         159                                            Tel. (305) 440-7438
                      Format:        Paperback                                      (305) 285-0552
                      Pub date:      May 2020                             
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